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November 13, 2009

University of Huddersfield : The Look. Material World.

University of Huddersfield : The Look. Material World..

Streaming video file (50 min.)

Series which lifts the lid on the fashion world takes a look at fabric and how it is used to completely different effect by designers like Issey Miyake, Gianni Versace and Christian Lacroix.

This recording is to be used only for educational and non-commercial purposes under the terms of the ERA Licence.

October 22, 2009

Trilt – TV film and radio recording for staff and students

Unitube at huddersfield University

Unitube at Huddersfield University

Selected TV, film and radio programs are now available  as streamed files direct to your computer  (to registered staff and students only via the library catalogue )

These recording are to be used only for educational and non-commercial purposes under the terms of the ERA Licence.

Art, Design and Architecture related programmes include

The Look. Power of the Press. the relationship between the fashion press and the PR machines of top designers, and considers just how much power the press has over the direction of design. Contributors include journalists Anna Wintour, Suzy Menkes and Liz Tiberis.
Imagine… Annie Leibovitz – Life Through a Lens Alan Yentob and Annie Leibovitz’s sister Barbara present an intimate portrait of the American photographer who, now in her fifties, is still universally in demand from pop stars to political leaders, rabble-rousers to royalty. Those who have not heard her name will certainly have seen her pictures – from a naked and pregnant Demi Moore to Bruce Springsteen’s famous Born in the USA album cover, or a naked John Lennon next to a fully clothed Yoko Ono.
The Genius of Photography. We are Family. Documentary series exploring the history of photography – from daguerreotype to digital, from portraits to photojournalism, from art to advertising. This part looks at what happens when the medium translates personal relationships into photographic ones; when strangers, celebrities, lovers and children are fed to the camera. It is also about what happens when photographers turn their cameras on themselves – what they choose to reveal and what they try to conceal.
Lee Miller: A Crazy Way of Seeing. Lee Miller led one of the most fascinating lives of the 20th century. A model for Vogue, pupil and lover of Man Ray in Paris and the only female photojournalist covering WWII, her work encompassed surrealist images and shocking reportage from Dachau. Having given up photography later, Miller’s archive of 40,000 negatives was only rediscovered after her death. George Melly, David Hare and others trace the story of her life through her own pictures, photographs of Miller and archive footage.
Media Revolution. Title Fight. looks at the revolution in newspapers, TV and book publishing. Like all other areas of the media, the book business is in a process of extraordinary change. As the UK buys and reads more than ever, Libby Potter investigates how technology, market forces and trends in reading have changed the way books are written, published and sold. With contributions from some of the most influential people in the British book world, the film asks what will happen as the medium continues to evolve with the digital age.
Style on Trial. 1940s. All the Young Dudes: Pop and Fashion. Men, Women and Clothes. Informal Clothes. Ozwald Boateng: Why Style Matters.
Megastructures: Built from Disaster. how a series of tragic events at sports stadiums forced architects to incorporate a number of safety features into their designs for the arenas of the future.
Upgrade Me.
Poet and gadget lover Simon Armitage explores people’s obsession with upgrading to the latest technological gadgetry. Upgrade culture drives millions to purchase the latest phones, flatscreen TVs, laptops and MP3 players. But is it design, functionality, fashion or friends that makes people covet the upgrade, and how far does the choice of gadgets define one’s identity?
The Great Chinese Art Revolution. Media Revolution. Tomorrow’s TV.

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