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February 25, 2013

what do you think has “technology killed green design’?

“Sorry green design, its over” (via Dezeen)

Read  a Dezeen special  column by editor-in-chief Marcus Fairs where he explains why designers have dumped dowdy green design in favour of glamorous robots.

Tech has killed green. Until recently the design world was on a mission to save the planet; now it seems enthralled by gadgets. Adjectives like “sustainable” and “eco” have been usurped by upstarts such as “smart” and “hacked”. The cardboard furniture glut of recent years has disintegrated; recycling has gone to landfill.Its not long since design-school grad shows were dominated by the hand-made, the low-tech and the organic; now its all embedded sensors and connected devices. Design fairs have ditched the obligatory maker or two turning discarded pop bottles into chandeliers – or knitting seaweed into cushions – for 3D printers and robots. Collaborations with Vietnamese basket weavers are out; Raspberry Pi mashups are in. In Milan this year the young Dutch contingent will no doubt have stopped serving wholesome hyper-local snacks and will instead be touting lab meat and printed biscuits.Green design felt right at the start of the economic crisis: it sought to replace over-indulgence with frugality, served with a side order of punishment for our wickedness. Penal minimalism was all the rage: spartan furniture made of ethically sourced timber that was so good for you, it hurt.Natural was good, artificial was bad. Soon wed all be growing our own organic food on our city balconies and installing complex plumbing to irrigate it with our bathwater. Wed be going off-grid, hooking up to domestic wind turbines and pondering the plausibility of upcycling under our solar-powered lamps…. the full article can be found here –  Marcus Fairs on how technology killed green design

What do you think? is Green design over?

September 11, 2012

INDEX comes to Huddersfield

The University of Huddersfield  is the very first UK venue for a globally famous display of designs that improve life

Swann Pod INDEX

One of the  INDEX: Award 2011 displays now on show on the plaza outside the University of Huddersfield’s Creative Arts Building. This one contains lecturer Dr David Swann’s design for an all-new nursing bag.

A GLOBALLY-renowned travelling exhibition featuring ultra-innovative designs that impressed judges in one of the world’s most prestigious competitions has come to the University of Huddersfield. We are the first university in the world and the first venue in the UK to host the event. And one of the exhibits is a potentially life-saving invention by one of our lecturers Dr David Swann.

Established in the year 2000, INDEX: Design to Improve Life® is a Danish non-profit making organisation with a global reach. Its goal is to inspire, educate and engage people so that they use design skills to develop sustainable solutions to global and local challenges.  Every two years the  organisation offers the most valuable and prestigious design awards in the world, with prizes of €100,000 each for the winners of its five categories – Body, Home, Work, Play and Community.

The series of dramatic pods on campus exhibiting these ultra-innovative designs can be seen until 29 September 2012, Queensgate Campus, Huddersfield

Dr David Swann earned his nomination for INDEX: Award 2011 by creating a nursing bag for the 21st century after discovering the iconic design that has prevailed for around 150 years could endanger patients’ lives. His radical update is made of non-permeable white plastic and is free from the pockets and folds that previously allowed harmful bacteria to accumulate.

Other exhibits at Huddersfield include the Swedish-designed Hövding, described as the world’s first airbag for cyclists, which claimed first prize in the “play” category. The airbag explodes from a custom-made collar whose inbuilt sensors constantly monitor movement for the telltale signs that an accident is about to happen. Huddersfield is the first British institution ever to host the INDEX: Award exhibition and the sole UK stop on the current tour.


via Events calendar – University of Huddersfield.

January 2, 2012

Brain Pickings 2011 Best-of Reading Lists

Brain Pickings- one of my favourite places and now
All the Brain Pickings best-of reading lists of 2011 – psychology, design, science, history, photography, food & more – together at last, in one place
“Brain Pickings is a human-powered discovery engine for interestingness, culling and curating cross-disciplinary curiosity-quenchers, and separating the signal from the noise to bring you things you didn’t know you were interested in until you are.”

November 2, 2011

Exhibition – Power of Making

A V&A and Crafts Council exhibition
Crafts Council is supported by Arts Council England

6 September 2011–2 January 2012

The Porter Gallery
Room 48
Admission free

“The V&A and Crafts Council celebrate the role of making in our lives by presenting an eclectic selection of over 100 exquisitely crafted objects, ranging from a life-size crochet bear to a ceramic eye patch, a fine metal flute to dry stone walling. Power of Making is a cabinet of curiosities showing works by both amateurs and leading makers from around the world to present a snapshot of making in our time.

The exhibition showcases works made using a diverse range of skills and explores how materials can be used in imaginative and spectacular ways, whether for medical innovation, entertainment, social networking or artistic endeavour.

Making is the most powerful way that we solve problems, express ideas and shape our world. What and how we make defines who we are, and communicates who we want to be.

For many people, making is critical for survival. For others, it is a chosen vocation: a way of thinking, inventing and innovating. And for some it is simply a delight to be able to shape a material and say ‘I made that’. The power of making is that it fulfills each of these human needs and desires.

Those whose craft and ingenuity reach the very highest levels can create amazing things. But making is something everyone can do. The knowledge of how to make – both everyday objects and highly-skilled creations – is one of humanity’s most precious resources.”




Via About the exhibition – Victoria and Albert Museum.

May 17, 2011

James Dyson: Reinventing Britain

“James Dyson has made millions by allowing us to see the dirt we suck up. As he calls for more inventors, Lucy Siegle asks him about manufacturing abroad, design disasters and whether he could build a nuclear reactor”

read the full article here – James Dyson: Reinventing Britain | Technology | The Observer.

,,,”His enthusiasm and ability to humanise the workings of the materials and the structure is infectious (next day I find myself googling magnets to find out what they are actually made from). ..”

…..”Dyson does not have a problem speaking his mind, or indeed being heard, and he’s done a good job of keeping the topic of industrial design in the news. Take his recent suggestion that Chinese students were stealingintellectual property from UK universities, which caused a minor storm….”

…..”And when can we see your next invention, I ask. “When it’s ready!” And with that, Dyson’s chief engineer bounces off to the R&D laboratory.

Entries for the James Dyson Award are open until 2 August. To enter, visit

April 14, 2011

RADAR volume 2

Welcome to RADAR, the Review of Art, Design and Architecture Research, University of Huddersfield

“This RADAR is part of a series, which is published annually by the school. RADAR is intentionally compiled to highlight the growing range of researchers and their broad research work and experiences from early career to established researchers. Its intention is to communicate and signal our research both internally and more importantly externally. We hope that RADAR acts as an open invitation for further collaborations in the education and creative industry sectors.”

April 4, 2011

Design Council examines future of design review

Fri, 1 Apr 2011 | By Angus Montgomery

The Design Council is launching a consultation on the future of the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment’s design review, on the day the Design Council and Cabe officially merge and assume charitable status.

via Design Council examines future of design review | News | Design Week.

July 13, 2010

Digital Design Drop-ins at the V&A

Do you want to see amazing digital artwork, join in lively discussions about digital media, art and life, and meet digital artists and designers with enough space and time to chat to them about what they do? Then check out our monthly Wednesday afternoon Digital Design Drop-ins.

On 21 July Memo Akten, whose work focuses on designing and developing technology to create emotional and memorable experiences. The work ranges from large-scale immersive interactive installations, visuals for live performances and music videos to online works and mobile applications.

The event is part of a programme of digital events at the V&A.

June 18, 2010

Product Design lecturer praised for commitment to NHS patients

University of Huddersfield lecturer David Swann is celebrating becoming one of only six finalists in a competition that attracted over 11,000 entrants from across the world.

David, a subject leader for 3D and Interior Design at the University, is in the final stages of his PhD project NHS at Home: Designing a 21st Century clinician’s bag, which is designed to improve the delivery and experience of care that patients receive in their own homes.

He was selected as one of only six finalists in the International Design Excellence Awards 2010, organised by the Industrial Designers Society of America, in the design research category on the strength of his research and the positive effect it will have on NHS patients and clinicians.

He was also selected as one of three finalists in the Yorkshire and Humber NHS Innovation Awards and Showcase 2010, which saw around 150 entrants from the region compete for the top spots.

The profile of community healthcare and welfare of patients in the region and the country is of utmost importance to David: “It’s all about equipping 21st century clinicians with 21st century kit to deliver a world-class patient experience in an inconsistent healthcare setting,” he says.

David Swann’s 21st Century clinician’s bag, designed to improve the delivery and experience of care that patients receive in their homes.

His research aims to investigate and to re-think urgent care in the community, and it has already earned national headlines for its vision of the ambulance of the future.  David’s major contribution revolves around the equipment that clinicians take with them in their vehicles in order to carry out planned treatments in the home.

David also found that community matrons had not been provided with dedicated methods of transporting the medication and equipment they needed in order to deliver a hospital treatment room experience in the home.  Instead, the clinicians were improvising by using camera cases and other items of adapted luggage.  Sometimes there were problems fitting the bags into cars and the absence of dedicated equipment created problems, such as difficulty in creating a vital sterile field for home treatment.

David is developing a special home treatment bag to enable clinicians to deliver world-class service and treatments consistently in a constantly changing environment – small enough to fit into the boot of a car and able to be transformed into a compact work-space.  His bag has already been tested by top fashion house Louis Vuitton, recognised worldwide as producing some of the most desirable bags due to their design excellence.

David, who has lectured at the University’s School of Art, Design and Architecture since 1992, was also a member of a nationwide, multi-institutional team of academic experts taking part in the Smart Pods Project, funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.”

April 29, 2010

Which is you favourite hair style from which decade??

Introducing Lisa George our Hair and Beauty Curator, she woul... on Twitpic
Vintage at Goodwood
Location Goodwood, West Sussex, Web
Bio A unique music and cultural festival, celebrating 5 decades of British cool in the glorious surroundings of the Goodwood estate : 13th–15th August 2010