Teacher Uses Knitting to Sow Confident Thinkers

“{When fifth-grade teacher Annmarie Aquino tosses a small knitted square into the air, the lesson begins. Peg looms emerge from backpacks, wool is measured and cut, and needles begin clicking. It’s knitting time at P.S. 98.

Aquino, a City College grad who has been teaching at the school on West 212th Street for 18 years, says the unconventional classroom activity offers her kids valuable problem-solving skills while encouraging them to be focused and creative.

“It challenges them to think beyond the obvious — how to calculate. How much do I need? What colors do I want to use? How do I get stripes?” Aquino says during a recent visit. “And, they have thinking time.”

Isaiah Rodriguez, one of Aquino’s students who is creating a placemat, says he expects to keep weaving even after he leaves elementary school.

“It just relaxes you. I feel calm and collected when I weave,” says the 10-year-old, who dreams of becoming a pro basketball player and expects he’ll even “weave in the locker room.”}”

Read on at .. Teacher at P.S. 98 Uses Knitting to Sow Confident Thinkers – DNAinfo.com New York.

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