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April 29, 2012

Filters vs. Serendipity

…..”More and more commentators are wondering if the tools we create to give us more choices—such as search engines—are delivering less variety, ultimately limiting chance discoveries and exposure to new ideas.On the BBC’s The Culture Show, Aleks Krotoski recently examined the role of serendipity as an online commodity, questioning whether the Internet is as innovative as we think. She points out that computers have the unique ability to make valuable, unseen connections for us. Instead of maximizing that potential, our search filters keep us focused on only the most relevant information.Alex explains, “We will never have the opportunity to bump into something truly new, because the machines are predicting our futures based on our past preferences, creating an infinite loop of cultural homogenization.”….

Read the full post via the link below, thought provoking

via Filters vs. Serendipity | digital wellbeing labs.

April 14, 2011

Are you more inclined to buy a product online if you can customize it?

interesting article from J. P. Gownder who is vice president and research director at Forrester Research via “Mass customization — where customers can tailor a product’s appearance, features or content to their own specifications -– has been the “next big thing” for for a long time. As far back as 1970, the futurist Alvin Toffler predicted its emergence. Customization expert Joseph Pine published his seminal book in 1992, and the 2000 book Markets of One suggested that customization would change the fundamental structure of the American economy.

Yet for years, mass customization largely failed to take off. Worse yet, big brands have tried and failed with customized offerings. Levi Strauss offered customized jeans from 1993 to 2003 but failed to offer the kinds of choices to consumers -– like color -– that would have made the offering successful. Dell, once the most prominent practitioner of mass customization, flamed out spectacularly, saying that the model had become too complex and costly to continue.

But today, mass customization is enjoying a renaissance among big brands such as…….” Read on via Why Large-Scale Product Customization Is Finally Viable for Business.

and let me know what you think Are you more inclined to buy a product online if you can customize it?

October 19, 2010

Commonwealth Games|D8 Design Consultants

How this company pitched for and won the tender to design the 2014 Commonwealth Games pictograms.

Commonwealth Games | We are D8 Design Consultants: Print, Digital and Interior Design in Glasgow & Birmingham.

March 10, 2010

Online Resource

news from the trendboutique

New this week … Easier to find industry news section – as part of the free content on the site we have given the industry news its own section, make sure you regularly visit our free areas – news, blogs & also you can sign up for the network …to profile you, your portfolio or just add ‘cool finds’ of your own.

Also new jobs & internships added this week continuing our drive to bring you the best placements and graduate positions currently being advertised – we know it is a tough market out there, so hopefully we can help you to find that dream job / placement! Currently being advertised are creative & marketing positions for Selfridges, My Wardrobe, Amazon, Figleaves, Burberry, Vivienne Westwood, WGSN, Molton Brown, All Saints to name but a few of the 100+ vacancies!!

Coming soon to the jobs section – Graduate Plus, new graduate positions for those with 2+ years industry experience. >> Trend Briefing by The Future Laboratory Don’t forget to book your tickets before the forthcoming Easter break, tickets are already selling fast. It’s going to be an amazing chance for students, graduates & lecturers to find out what is in store for 2010 & beyond, within a decade that is already being dubbed the ‘Turbulent Teens’.

Special Offer! Sign up to full access to until the end of July 2010 for just £30 (telephone purchases only), providing you with a great resource until the end of this academic year! * Offer open to students / graduates only. Must be purchased by calling 0115 9529116, offer not available online. The Trend Boutique (UK) Ltd Studio 4B Stoney House 26-30 Stoney Street Nottingham NG1 1LL Tel: +44 (0) 115 952 9116 E-mail:

December 11, 2009

Trends, Colour and Fragrance

Landor: Blog: Fragrance and color

“….a presentation about scent trends and fragrance forecasting. To my surprise, the scent experts were approaching scent trends in exactly the same manner as our color experts approach color forecasting. They identified the important influences that would have an effect on consumer behavior, then extrapolated how important influences would change the direction of the current trends. Incredibly, there were parallel and similar directions for both color and scent trends! The scent experts were also doing scent combinations just as colorists do color combinations —using a high note, mid note, and a low note. At CMG we often follow parallels of color trends across different industries, but now we realize the benefit of following other sense-based design elements like scent and sound. They can be keys to future trends…..”

This is a very interesting article for all Trend Hub students and users Pleases read the full post at Landor: Blog: Fragrance and color.

December 10, 2009

Dyson opens Bluewater pop-up store | News | Design Week

“Dyson opens Bluewater pop-up storeThu, 10 Dec 2009 | By Emily Pacey Print Email Share SaveDyson opens its first pop-up shop today, created by the product company’s in-house team. If Dyson deems the venture a success, it will consider opening a permanent store. The shop is located at Bluewater shopping centre in Kent and features Dyson products including nine vacuum cleaners and the recently launched Dyson Air Multiplier fan.‘We are taking a museum-display approach to the retail design, letting the products speak for themselves,’ says a Dyson spokeswoman.The window of the 120m2 store displays an industrial robotic arm, usually used by Dyson to test prototypes. The arm will twist a DC24 Ball vacuum cleaner almost constantly throughout the pop-up shop’s six-week run.Visitors to the shop will be able to test the products’ effectiveness in ‘dirt-destroying trials’ and talk to Dyson engineers, who will staff the store.The shop closes on 25 January.”

via Dyson opens Bluewater pop-up store | News | Design Week.

December 7, 2009

Finding the Green in Today’s Shoppers: Sustainability Trends and New Shopper Insights |

Finding the Green in Today’s Shoppers: Sustainability Trends and New Shopper Insights

By GreenBiz Staff

Published April 30, 2009


“To better understand how sustainability influences a consumer’s shopping behavior and the resulting market opportunities for companies targeting these consumers, Deloitte — in conjunction with the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) — conducted a new study of more than 6,000 customers in 11 major retailers of varying formats concerning their purchasing experience and how sustainable considerations affected their decision making in the store and at the shelf level. The study confirms that a significant portion of consumers are now considering social and environmental benefits as part of their calculation of product value and purchasing decisions. In addition, it highlights the shopper insights needed to bring new sales and marketing leading practices to consumer product companies, and their retail partners.

Led by Peter Capozucca, Sustainability Lead for Consumer Products and Scott Bearse, Sustainability Lead for Retail, both of Deloitte Consulting LLP, the study addresses essential questions about how shoppers are integrating social and environmental values into their purchasing behaviors. Specifically, it focused on addressing the following key questions:

* Who is the sustainable consumer?

* How does sustainability influence the purchasing decision?

* How would the consumer like to be communicated to about sustainability?

* How does the retail environment influence sustainability purchasing decisions?

* What are the key lessons in the area of sustainability consumer trends?

via Finding the Green in Today’s Shoppers: Sustainability Trends and New Shopper Insights |

November 30, 2009

Design Council | Managing design | Eleven lessons: managing design in eleven global brands

Design Council | About design | Managing design | Eleven lessons: managing design in eleven global brands.

How do leading companies manage design in their businesses?

The Design Council’s in-depth study of the design processes used in eleven global brands gives real insights into the way design operates in these firms, and delivers usable lessons for all designers and managers

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November 19, 2009

FX Focus on Retail – ‘pop-up’ stores

The November issue the FX Focus on Retail is available to view online. In this 28 page special supplement editor Johnny Tucker looks at the retail sector: the move towards ‘pop-up’ stores, the high street post Woolies, dream jobs, and the top 100 shopfitters- facts and figures. FX Digital is completely free. Click here for details and to register then each month they will send you an email alert telling you when the latest issue is available to view online.

FX Digital

The Paper edition is alo available in the library
November 13, 2009

Nike Store, Harajuku, Tokyo

Nike Store, Harajuku, Tokyo

“Enlisting the interior design brilliance of Masamichi Katayama Nike has created its first Tokyo flagship store located in the style-magnet Harajuku district. In advance of tomorrow’s grand opening we were invited in for a look.

While the space is unmistakably Nike, it makes an inspiring and distinct departure from their other stores. Katayama used elements from shoes and the brand’s history to create crisp but playful treatments. Black rubber soles were cut in to square tiles for one wall and waffle irons, similar to the one used to make the first Nike running shoe tread, offer a poetic backdrop for the latest high-tech trainers (both pictured below). The centerpiece is a shoe chandelier that hangs over the stairway between the first and second floors; it’s made from 400 pairs of of various styles all in white leather to offer a subtle glow by reflecting the lights pointed at them. Behind the cash wrap on each floor is a creative installation: floor one has a Just Do It sign made from foot molds, the second floor has a nautilus made from Dunk uppers (pictured above) and the third floor a crest made from cleats. Beyond these remarkable elements there are subtle but sophisticated details to be discovered throughout the store, so of which are captured in the images below.

check out some photos of the space follow the link below

via cool hunting

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