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March 29, 2011

Do We Really Want Judges Determining What Art ‘Says’?

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There was a very big legal ruling last week having to do with copyright in the art world. It involves the artwork of Richard Prince, an appropriation artist, who took some photographs from Patrick Cariou’s book Yes, Rasta, of various Rastafarians, and then used them in various paintings…. read on at

Do We Really Want Judges Determining What Art ‘Says’? | Techdirt.

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March 13, 2009 / Weekend / House & Home – Degrees of difference

“The architect Marcel Breuer probably never thought one of his seating designs would prompt a legal battle. But when furniture manufacturer Knoll spotted that a German company, Tecta, had, since 1982, been making a tubular steel stool – more precisely the B9 that Breuer designed in 1925 for the Bauhaus architecture school canteen – it took its case to a court, which eventually ruled that Tecta should hand over all the profits it had made from its version.

And yet the decision highlighted a grey area in furniture design copyright. Tecta argued that it had signed a contract with the Berlin Bauhaus Archive, based on an agreement with Breuer’s widow….”

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