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October 26, 2009

Lettering & Type — Resources

Lettering & Type — Resources.

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October 26, 2009

Fashion Research, trend analysis and news service for the fashion and style industry

Trend and Colour Forecasting Links

April 7, 2009

Sustainable Design-Design Academy Eindhoven

In September 2002 the Design Academy Eindhoven started a Lectorate on Sustainable Design and appointed Ursula Tischner for this position. She is founder and head of econcept, Agency for Sustainable Design, Cologne, and Sustainable Design expert since 1992.

In January 2003 the official Sustainable Design program started at the Design Academy. This internetsite gives information about all the activities around sustainable design at Design Academy Eindhoven. It also offers background information, links and resources relevant for Sustainable Design and Ecodesign.


———————————————————————————— – Visionary and practical solutions for restoring the earth – Strategies and examples for sustainable design – Centre for sustainable design – The environmental information portal – Austrian Institute for sustainable design – United States energy department – United Stated environmental protection agency – Foundation for long lasting products – Friends of the earth – How to market green products – Rio de Janeiro declaration, agenda 21 – Institute for sustainable development – The world conservation union – Research on SD – Calculate your own footprint – A network for sustainable designers – promoting human rights awareness and fighting poverty worldwide – Centre for renewable energy and sustainable technology – United Nations Environmental Programme – Research centre for a sustainable society

———————————————————————————— – Life cycle tools to improve environmental performance & sustainability – Agency for sustainable development

———————————————————————————— – about biodegredable materials – Biodegredable polymers – Database on natural fiber reinforced polymers – Online material database – Renewable natural material – Sustainable composites network


pubslishers on sustainable development

more links
———————————————————————————— – Links for environment and development policy makers – Access to sustainable development websites – Environmental data request facility