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October 25, 2010

SmartFiber project will add intelligence to composites :: WTiN – Executive Intelligence from World Textile Information Network

SmartFiber project will add intelligence to composites
for ADA students Huddersfield , don’t forget you can get the full report and more via our electronic resource subscription to WTin via the library see ile_Information_Network_(WTIN)

By integrating micro-technologies, the SmartFiber project plans to demonstrate a smart system so small – on the milimetre scale – that it can be embedded into a fibre-reinforced polymer.”



November 13, 2009



new in the Library  (level 3 CSB University of Huddersfield Queensgate Campus)

Print and production finishes for sustainable design /

“Print and Production Finishes for Sustainable Design is an indispensable ideas sourcebook and practical guide to what has become an important consideration for many designers: sustainability. The book shows examples of environmentally friendly inks, varnishes, pigments, and finishes that can be used in a wide range of standard printed media. Printing innovations and specialized printing techniques using environmentally friendly ingredients are also included. The book provides an overview of different printable materials available to both 2-D and 3-D designers, including recyclable paper, paper substitutes, and biodegradable plastics. Innovative 3-D designs that demonstrate clear environmental benefits derived from the application of printing, types of manufacturing techniques or use of specific materials are showcased and explained.”

October 26, 2009

Lettering & Type — Resources

Lettering & Type — Resources.

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