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January 11, 2010

It’s Nice That : Guest Post

It’s Nice That

Guest Post


Illustration by Tom Gauld

Guest Post

“Every week we invite someone from the creative industry to post up what they like on It’s Nice That. We ask them a few questions about their work and they get to pick five of their favourite things to show us. Archived here are everyone who’s guest posted on the blog, simply click here on a name to see a little more about the posters themselves and what they chose to show us.

Guest Posts have included

David Pearson famed as his work as a book jacket designer.

Finnish illustrator Jesse Auersalo

Daljit Singh  creative director and founder of Digit

January 4, 2010



Textile as a cross cultural language

30 Jan – 18 April (closed 1 Feb)

CULTEX is a project of collaboration, process and outcome. It features six major innovative textile artists from Japan and Norway, who have worked in three trans-national partnerships over a period of twelve months. During this time they exchanged ideas, techniques and, when spending time in each other’s studios, cultural influences. The result is an exhibition of new work, much of which is conceived as sculptural textiles and site-sensitive installations, that reflect the artists’ individual and collaborative experience during this period.

A comprehensive website can be found at

December 20, 2009

If You Could : Collaborate

“If You Could CollaborateIf You Could Collaborate is the fourth annual If You Could exhibition. Aiming to provide a platform for the finest creatives from all over the world to question their conventional working methods and outcomes. The contributors have been challenged to produce something a little unexpected, by working with a partner of their choosing from any discipline, profession or background. There is no brief to answer, or format to honour – the only limit being the enterprise and imagination of the artists involved, and a liberal 12 month deadline. Below are all of the pairings, and their outcomes.”

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March 12, 2009

Flickr and Getty Images Launch Their Flickr Stock Photography Collection

Flickr and Getty Images Launch Their Flickr Stock Photography Collection

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February 28, 2009

Jody Turner: Designers & Collaboration