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May 18, 2011

It’s Nice That : Tom Berry

Over at “It’s Nice That”  check out Tom Berry’s pen and ink drawings

“Some seriously intense, kaleidoscopic pen and ink drawings-cum-doodles from Tom Berry. The nature of the work is often quite fantastical, borrowing motifs from a myriad of myths and visual folklore. Some of the work reminds me of the Japanese artist Hokusai echoing the dynamic movement in his representations of waves. Confident, controlled mark-making and lines, regular repeating patterns, and the tension between the ink versus white space of the page all add up to something quite hypnotic. It’s almost as if you are staring at a magic eye image.”

via It’s Nice That : Tom Berry.

March 4, 2010

It’s Nice That-something to look forward to

“It’s Nice That Issue #3 Parra Pre-Order Print Posted by Will 4 March 2010 Part of It’s Nice That Issue #3We’re pleased to announce that all orders for our latest publication made before midnight on 31 March will come with an exclusive print by Amsterdam based illustrator Parra. The massive 980×550mm pre-order print will be screen printed onto bible paper and come folded and slipped into the front of all orders due to be shipped at the end of the month.To see the complete version of the image, sample spreads and full details of the third issue check out the publication page.”

via It’s Nice That.

January 6, 2010

It’s Nice That

Take a look at It’s Nice That

“It’s Nice That is focused on publicising, promoting and archiving the very best contemporary work from across the creative industry. Founded in April 2007 it has remained dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of creative work from all over the world with its online archive.

As well as aggregating relevant content online, we are aware of the importance of taking the initiative and providing new, engaging information to our audience. As a result of this, we also dedicate time to other ventures both on and offline for the benefit of our readers. These include a bi-annual printed publication, monthly talks and videocast, an online shop selling exclusive products and of course regular interviews and features with current practitioners.

It’s Nice That is edited by Will Hudson and Alex Bec with regular posts by Edinburgh based designer Jez Burrows, to get in touch about anything please e-mail”

here’s their Review of 2009

December 20, 2009

We need to have real things around us. Things we can touch and smell

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Posted by Will17 December 2009 Part of 2009 Review

It’s four for the price of one today as our digital partners With Associates take time out to reflect on the last year.

With Associates image from 2009, “We need to have real things around us. Things we can touch and smell. They give us perspective on the digital world we work in. To help this we collecting work by our associates and starting this year we’ve had this monthly ‘gallery’ in our meeting space. See more here (read more here)