New Designers Pt.1 – 2013 – University of Huddersfield

The University of Huddersfield is presenting three undergraduate degree courses at New Designers 2013 comprising BA/BSc(Hons) Textile Design for Fashion and Interiors; BA(Hons) Textile Crafts and BA(Hons) Surface Design. Each degree course has its specific ethos and aims, leading to a rich and dynamic textile environment nurtured within the School of Art, Design and Architecture at The University of Huddersfield.


Charlotte Nash, Braided Mirror Detail

As a designer, taking inspiration from geometric shapes, grids and repetitive, striped, ‘Aztec’ designs my work investigates the repetition and rhythm of patterning within an…

Katie Soponski, Acoustic Felt 2

‘Artificial Nature’ is a collection of bespoke and tactile acoustic surfaces for use in interior spaces. Inspired by the impossibility of natural phenomena, the collection…

Emma McMinn, Politicising Linen

My work focuses on the idea that Community cannot be outlined on a map, rather it is built, and it can be dispersed again. In…

Rose Street-Simmons, The Benefit Of Hind Sight

Heritage, Iconoclastic, Evolution, Erosion, Rebirth

Emma Hodgson, ‘The Wonder of Geology’

The Fabric shown at new designers is to be aimed at throws within the bespoke market. Mixed composition will play a key role in the…

Kristen Dickinson, Tropic Clash

Tropic Clash SS14

The inspiration for the collection comes from exuberant, exotic animals, surrounded in their lustrous environments. Insects with natural patterns are highlighted with…

Katie Fisher, Urban Clarity

Urban Clarity represents a series of surfaces that have been inspired by the concept of creating translucency within industrial materials. Light becomes tactile and Urban…

Amey Yuill, Repetitive Architextiles

Architextiles; architecture collaborates with textiles to compliment and enhance the architectural structure of a building while using existing architectural forms as an influence within the…

Janine Singleton, Fanciful Disposition

Fanciful Disposition is a bespoke collection of screen printed textiles for Womenswear. The collection promotes the traditional techniques of screen printing however, displays a future…

Rosie Preston, Pixel Craft

Pixel Craft is a collection of rugs developed from the trend “New Digital Aesthetic”. I aim to blur the boundaries between digital drawing and hand…

Charlotte Hall, Smart/ Casual Genes

This collection is created for a range of mid-to-high-end fashion fabrics for young women aged 20-25. Inspired by the idea of the unseen world around…

Deborah Scott, Emotional Sanctuary Collection

My collection is fabric laminated and ceramic printed glass for interiors.

“Emotional Sanctuary Collection” is inspired by people who eat, work, sleep and live…

Exhibiting Graduates: Eleanor Winspear, Kristen Dickinson, Emma Hodgson, Katie Soponski, Deborah Scott, Janine Singleton, Katie Fisher, Rose Street-Simmons, Laura Greenwood, Charlotte Nash, Rosemary Preston, Louisa Crompton, Amey Yuill, Laura Cadman, Charlotte Hall, Emma McMinn

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