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April 29, 2012

Filters vs. Serendipity

…..”More and more commentators are wondering if the tools we create to give us more choices—such as search engines—are delivering less variety, ultimately limiting chance discoveries and exposure to new ideas.On the BBC’s The Culture Show, Aleks Krotoski recently examined the role of serendipity as an online commodity, questioning whether the Internet is as innovative as we think. She points out that computers have the unique ability to make valuable, unseen connections for us. Instead of maximizing that potential, our search filters keep us focused on only the most relevant information.Alex explains, “We will never have the opportunity to bump into something truly new, because the machines are predicting our futures based on our past preferences, creating an infinite loop of cultural homogenization.”….

Read the full post via the link below, thought provoking

via Filters vs. Serendipity | digital wellbeing labs.

January 6, 2010

Do You Use A Paper Or Digital Planner? : TreeHugger

Do You Use A Paper Or Digital Planner? : TreeHugger.

Jeff suggested that you should Ditch Your Dead-Tree Daily Planner for a Virtual Model This Year. Readers were outraged, suggesting that “You will have to take my Moleskin from my cold dead hands. Some things need permanence.” And while some have a neatly labelled stack of old moleskins, I have a stack of broken Palm Pilots and Handspring Visors, and wonder if they have a point. What do you do?”