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January 8, 2013

How wonderful would it be to accidentally encounter these beautiful stones?

These just made me smile so I had to repost

For my eyes only… no one is likely to ever see this. I was inspired by the lovely Knitalatte’s awesome work…. I’m cheating here because I’m not doing any of the crochet… I can crochet but not for a project of this magnitude!!”

by Woollyfabulous

see more here –  All cleaned up and looking much better!! | Flickr – Photo Sharing!.

October 26, 2011

print & pattern: EXHIBITION – marcus walters

thanks to print & pattern: EXHIBITION – marcus walters. for this link

‘unplanned magic’ is a new exhibition by marcus walters currently taking place at the material gallery in ludlow, UK. ‘unplanned magic’ is also running concurrently at blackbough (also in ludlow) and featuring work by marcus’ fellow screen print artist kate gibb. they have created some collaborative prints by over-printing each others work and they have also produced a limited range of hand sewn notebooks and hand printed tea towels which are available in store at the exhibition and online in marcus’ shop.”



July 8, 2011

New Designers 2011 – New Designers Wilkinson Award for Commercial Surface Design

New Designers Wilkinson Award for Commercial Surface Design

Photography by

Winner: Laura Jean Davenport, University of Huddersfield

Read their interview with Laura Jean here

Award Prize: £1000 cash

Judges Comments: An intricate and quality design. Good use of illustration and colour, with an original mix of subject matters which will translate effectively onto a range of textiles and ceramics.

via New Designers 2011 – New Designers Wilkinson Award for Commercial Surface Design.

March 22, 2011

HBL Pattern & Colour Inspiration: Sally Angharad

Huddersfield University MA Graduate Sally Angharad features on the blog –  global trend forecasting service and product development tool focused on the ever-evolving needs of the home and interiors industries.

MA graduate Sally Angharad has launched a new collection of bespoke paper designs that take inspiration from the weathered finishes, aged surfaces and colours of Venice.

These unique tactile wall hangings are created from sourced papers which are then printed with delicate patterns. Sally uniquely manipulates and distresses them by hand and arranges them into layers, simulating peeling paint and billboard posters. The layers of paper are sensitively arranged, creating an inspiring palette that plays with combinations of pattern and proportions of colour.

from WGSN Home buildlife

September 29, 2010

eponymous rugs: Nani Marquina

VALENCIA DISSENY WEEK: NANI MARQUINAby sabine7 / September 28, 2010

“Barcelona designer Nani Marquina gave a talk at Feria Hábitat Valencia today about the handmade, artisanal nature of her eponymous rugs and how materials and multiculturalism serve as inspiration.”

Handcrafting is the key factor that has led to innovation for this company that treats each piece as a work of art, as Martín Azúa, one of the company’s designers explained. Each new rug design or colour scheme can lead to a new technique, such as felting or tying on die-cut components one by one, but traditional skills are used and adapted to the contemporary patterns. Brushstrokes might not be involved, but because each element is done by hand, each rug bears the marks of many makers in countries such as India, Morocco, Pakistan or Nepal. “

more information from nanimarquina website

The history of nanimarquina is based on a very clear idea: wanting to design rugs. It’s a simple statement, a transparent declaration of intent that has become a reality by putting into practice values such as observation, innovative endeavour, communication, emotion and knowing how to contemporise traditional craftsmanship.

Since its origins in 1987, nanimarquina has been designing rugs and other textile products, paying particular attention to research on raw materials and production processes. These factors enrich the aesthetic aspect of the products, which are the true stars that give the brand its visibility and commercial success.”

via Valencia Disseny Week: Nani Marquina.

February 9, 2010

Tactility Factory

Tactility Factory is an innovative company that mainstreams tactility in the built environment.

It does this through a range of innovative products and processes that can be used in a variety of contexts.

via Tactility Factory.

.. “the use of innovative and high tech technologies results in a materials of substance with unique antique qualities and high levels of visual and tactile qualities.”