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September 11, 2012

INDEX comes to Huddersfield

The University of Huddersfield  is the very first UK venue for a globally famous display of designs that improve life

Swann Pod INDEX

One of the  INDEX: Award 2011 displays now on show on the plaza outside the University of Huddersfield’s Creative Arts Building. This one contains lecturer Dr David Swann’s design for an all-new nursing bag.

A GLOBALLY-renowned travelling exhibition featuring ultra-innovative designs that impressed judges in one of the world’s most prestigious competitions has come to the University of Huddersfield. We are the first university in the world and the first venue in the UK to host the event. And one of the exhibits is a potentially life-saving invention by one of our lecturers Dr David Swann.

Established in the year 2000, INDEX: Design to Improve Life® is a Danish non-profit making organisation with a global reach. Its goal is to inspire, educate and engage people so that they use design skills to develop sustainable solutions to global and local challenges.  Every two years the  organisation offers the most valuable and prestigious design awards in the world, with prizes of €100,000 each for the winners of its five categories – Body, Home, Work, Play and Community.

The series of dramatic pods on campus exhibiting these ultra-innovative designs can be seen until 29 September 2012, Queensgate Campus, Huddersfield

Dr David Swann earned his nomination for INDEX: Award 2011 by creating a nursing bag for the 21st century after discovering the iconic design that has prevailed for around 150 years could endanger patients’ lives. His radical update is made of non-permeable white plastic and is free from the pockets and folds that previously allowed harmful bacteria to accumulate.

Other exhibits at Huddersfield include the Swedish-designed Hövding, described as the world’s first airbag for cyclists, which claimed first prize in the “play” category. The airbag explodes from a custom-made collar whose inbuilt sensors constantly monitor movement for the telltale signs that an accident is about to happen. Huddersfield is the first British institution ever to host the INDEX: Award exhibition and the sole UK stop on the current tour.


via Events calendar – University of Huddersfield.

May 17, 2011

James Dyson: Reinventing Britain

“James Dyson has made millions by allowing us to see the dirt we suck up. As he calls for more inventors, Lucy Siegle asks him about manufacturing abroad, design disasters and whether he could build a nuclear reactor”

read the full article here – James Dyson: Reinventing Britain | Technology | The Observer.

,,,”His enthusiasm and ability to humanise the workings of the materials and the structure is infectious (next day I find myself googling magnets to find out what they are actually made from). ..”

…..”Dyson does not have a problem speaking his mind, or indeed being heard, and he’s done a good job of keeping the topic of industrial design in the news. Take his recent suggestion that Chinese students were stealingintellectual property from UK universities, which caused a minor storm….”

…..”And when can we see your next invention, I ask. “When it’s ready!” And with that, Dyson’s chief engineer bounces off to the R&D laboratory.

Entries for the James Dyson Award are open until 2 August. To enter, visit

September 29, 2010

London Design Festival 2010: Designersblock

“[..this year’s quirky, thought-provoking selection for the London Design Festival did not disappoint. The show itself was housed at a location that was just as interesting in terms of design as the products were – the Bargehouse down at the South Bank….]”

Read more: London Design Festival 2010: Designersblock | Inhabitat – Green Design Will Save the World

See more on the London Design Festival blog “….[On your next visit to the V&A during the London Design Festival, be sure to build into your day a visit to Few and Far, for two very good reasons. The first is the shop itself – an eclectic mix of fashion, furniture and fair. Few and Far was set up by the buying force behind Habitat and the Conran Shop, Priscilla Carluccio. Priscilla is the sister of Sir Terence Conran, a passionate supporter of UK craft and a photographer in her own right. Part of the shop is given over to exhibitions, and this brings us to the second reason to visit. For the duration of the LDF, Few and Far’s… ]…….”More

March 5, 2010

Exhibition: EcoTopia | DeTnk

“Exhibition: EcoTopia15th March – 15th April ’10Nectar Design StudioLong Beach, California Opening this month in Long Beach California is a juried exhibition called ‘EcoTopia’, which highlights new concepts in green product design. The show was organized by the leading Southern California product design consultancy Nectar, to showcase innovative and trendsetting designs aimed at fostering a healthy ecosystem and more sustainable society.”

via Exhibition: EcoTopia | DeTnk.

February 9, 2010

Tactility Factory

Tactility Factory is an innovative company that mainstreams tactility in the built environment.

It does this through a range of innovative products and processes that can be used in a variety of contexts.

via Tactility Factory.

.. “the use of innovative and high tech technologies results in a materials of substance with unique antique qualities and high levels of visual and tactile qualities.”

January 11, 2010

CES 2010: Green Gadgets Unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show! | Inhabitat

Inhabitat reports from the Consumer Electronics Show

“The 2010 edition of CES is in full effect in Las Vegas and with it all of the latest gadgets, gizmos and technologies ranging from automotive to internet and wireless. Walking the floor it was clear that green tech is definitely making its way into the mainstream consumer companies more and more. There is an entire pavilion here at CES dedicated to sustainable technologies and products, but peppered throughout the wireless world and innovation areas of the show green products and services were being demonstrated. Read on for some of the cool green tech that caught my eye on this first day of the show!”

via CES 2010: Green Gadgets Unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show! | Inhabitat.

December 11, 2009

Trends, Colour and Fragrance

Landor: Blog: Fragrance and color

“….a presentation about scent trends and fragrance forecasting. To my surprise, the scent experts were approaching scent trends in exactly the same manner as our color experts approach color forecasting. They identified the important influences that would have an effect on consumer behavior, then extrapolated how important influences would change the direction of the current trends. Incredibly, there were parallel and similar directions for both color and scent trends! The scent experts were also doing scent combinations just as colorists do color combinations —using a high note, mid note, and a low note. At CMG we often follow parallels of color trends across different industries, but now we realize the benefit of following other sense-based design elements like scent and sound. They can be keys to future trends…..”

This is a very interesting article for all Trend Hub students and users Pleases read the full post at Landor: Blog: Fragrance and color.

December 3, 2009

A Colorful Interview: Chris Webb, GM’s Lead Creative Designer | Live in full color

Written on December 1, 2009 by juliehoylen

A Colorful Interview:

Chris Webb, GM’s Lead Creative Designer

“In my ’so called adult life’ I have had the opportunity to purchase two brand new, straight-off-the-lot cars. Different makes, different models- both one very similar shade of deep, rich red.

According to expert Leatrice Eiseman’s article What The Color of Your Vehicle Says About You, my attraction to this vehicular hue has something to do with my underlying need to express to the world that I am: “Sexy, speedy, highly-energetic and dynamic.” On a side note she writes that if the car’s color is more Burgundy or Blue-red (as both of mine have been) then the message is the same- it’s just that I don’t feel the need to be so “obvious about it”.

Now follow the Link and Read on

via A Colorful Interview: Chris Webb, GM’s Lead Creative Designer | Live in full color.

December 2, 2009

The Culture Show, Dieter Rams Thursday 3rd Dec 09

BBC – BBC Two Programmes – The Culture Show, 2009/2010, Episode 17.

Tomorrows’s Culture Show, presented by Mishal Husain, comes from the new medieval and Renaissance Galleries at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum. Andrew Graham-Dixon will be picking out his favourites from the collection. He will also be meeting up with John Lydon, who will perform exclusively for the Culture Show with the recently re-formed Public Image Ltd.

Tom Dyckhoff meets up with Dieter Rams, whose designs have found a permanent home in museums over the world.

see also Dieter Rams permant collection at the Design Museum

“As head of design at Braun, the German consumer electronics manufacturer, DIETER RAMS (1932-) emerged as one of the most influential industrial designers of the late 20th century by defining an elegant, legible, yet rigorous visual language for its products.”

November 20, 2009

Bamboo Encased Computers: A Help or Hindrance to Greener Electronics?

re-blogged from TreeHugger

“As part of the eco-friendlienss factor that computer manufacturers are implementing in their designs is bamboo and wood-cased computers. Feeling the pressure both from consumers and from each other, the greenness of a computer plays in to the current acceptance level of a manufacturers new products…well, at least in part.

But we are curious about what it means to use a resource like wood for products that have become nearly disposable. Does it help or hinder the lifetime of the product, and the life cycle of forests?

We’ve seen a few bamboo-encased notebooks and computers come out. The Asus is beautiful (but not all that special of a laptop) and the Dell Studio Hybrid, with its many eco-factors, also has a bamboo case as an option.. We’ve also seen Fujitsu use forest-thinned cedar as a case for its notebook.

Looking at these options, it seems like two conclusions can be drawn. One is that using renewably sourced wood – especially bamboo – for casing doesn’t play a huge role in the functionality of a computer. It is still up to the manufacturer to make a high-quality, energy-efficient product that incorporates other eco-friendly elements before we can tout it as really meant for TreeHuggers. Wood vs plastic is not the be-all-end-all of the move towards eco-consciousness.

But, here is the second point – it seems that a wood casing could go far in helping a computer’s life cycle last just a bit longer. Wood has the feel of importance, of quality – it harkens back to when things were made with love, care and craftsmanship. And while this is a bit of a stretch for the above computers with their rather sleek-looking cases, there is the potential of a pull on the heartstrings at the idea of tossing out a beautiful wooden product, rather than the nonchalance consumers have for tossing out the everyday cheap plastic stuff.

So, while we have to think about the earth-friendliness of a computer as the sum of all it’s parts – recyclability, quality, energy efficiency, manufacturer ethics, carbon footprint – we can also appreciate when it is made out of materials that look and feel closer to the Earth. It helps to remind us that yes, indeed, we’re using the Earth’s resources when we flip open our laptops, but maybe we’re that much less of a burden.”

via Bamboo Encased Computers: A Help or Hindrance to Greener Electronics? : TreeHugger.