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June 24, 2013

New Designers Pt.1 – 2013 – University of Huddersfield

The University of Huddersfield is presenting three undergraduate degree courses at New Designers 2013 comprising BA/BSc(Hons) Textile Design for Fashion and Interiors; BA(Hons) Textile Crafts and BA(Hons) Surface Design. Each degree course has its specific ethos and aims, leading to a rich and dynamic textile environment nurtured within the School of Art, Design and Architecture at The University of Huddersfield.


Charlotte Nash, Braided Mirror Detail

As a designer, taking inspiration from geometric shapes, grids and repetitive, striped, ‘Aztec’ designs my work investigates the repetition and rhythm of patterning within an…

Katie Soponski, Acoustic Felt 2

‘Artificial Nature’ is a collection of bespoke and tactile acoustic surfaces for use in interior spaces. Inspired by the impossibility of natural phenomena, the collection…

Emma McMinn, Politicising Linen

My work focuses on the idea that Community cannot be outlined on a map, rather it is built, and it can be dispersed again. In…

Rose Street-Simmons, The Benefit Of Hind Sight

Heritage, Iconoclastic, Evolution, Erosion, Rebirth

Emma Hodgson, ‘The Wonder of Geology’

The Fabric shown at new designers is to be aimed at throws within the bespoke market. Mixed composition will play a key role in the…

Kristen Dickinson, Tropic Clash

Tropic Clash SS14

The inspiration for the collection comes from exuberant, exotic animals, surrounded in their lustrous environments. Insects with natural patterns are highlighted with…

Katie Fisher, Urban Clarity

Urban Clarity represents a series of surfaces that have been inspired by the concept of creating translucency within industrial materials. Light becomes tactile and Urban…

Amey Yuill, Repetitive Architextiles

Architextiles; architecture collaborates with textiles to compliment and enhance the architectural structure of a building while using existing architectural forms as an influence within the…

Janine Singleton, Fanciful Disposition

Fanciful Disposition is a bespoke collection of screen printed textiles for Womenswear. The collection promotes the traditional techniques of screen printing however, displays a future…

Rosie Preston, Pixel Craft

Pixel Craft is a collection of rugs developed from the trend “New Digital Aesthetic”. I aim to blur the boundaries between digital drawing and hand…

Charlotte Hall, Smart/ Casual Genes

This collection is created for a range of mid-to-high-end fashion fabrics for young women aged 20-25. Inspired by the idea of the unseen world around…

Deborah Scott, Emotional Sanctuary Collection

My collection is fabric laminated and ceramic printed glass for interiors.

“Emotional Sanctuary Collection” is inspired by people who eat, work, sleep and live…

Exhibiting Graduates: Eleanor Winspear, Kristen Dickinson, Emma Hodgson, Katie Soponski, Deborah Scott, Janine Singleton, Katie Fisher, Rose Street-Simmons, Laura Greenwood, Charlotte Nash, Rosemary Preston, Louisa Crompton, Amey Yuill, Laura Cadman, Charlotte Hall, Emma McMinn

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June 24, 2013

D&AD Just over week to go @DandAD_Talent New Blood festival.

D&AD – home of the talented and skilled, the imaginative and the curious, the restless and the bloody-minded. Commercially savvy, sometimes romantic, often cynical and occasionally rather weird. A source of information and ideas: of professional development, support and inspiration, interesting people to talk and nice things to look at. All creative life is here.”

It’s just over a week to go The New blood Festival is open Wednesday 3 July 2013 – Thursday 4 July 2013 

This year’s Student Yellow Pencil winners will be revealed at the Student Awards Ceremony in London on Thursday 4 July.
“Join us from 6pm at Old Spitalfields Market to view the digital exhibition of the nominated work. Then at 8pm we’ll be opening the doors of Christ Church of Spitalfields for the main event with a drinks reception, followed by the Awards presentation at 9pm, where the Student Yellow Pencil winners will take to the stage.”

Creatives the world over value the D&AD Student Awards. Entry to the Student Awards is open to anyone in full or part-time education. Whether you’re a copywriter or photographer, a digital specialist, product designer or something in-between.  Real briefs, set by real clients, judged by top creatives.

Award Levels

Best of Year
The year’s best work for each brief.

Work that rises above Best of Year standard and has the potential to win a Student Yellow Pencil.

Student Yellow Pencil
Work that is outstanding, rather than merely brilliant, wins a Student Yellow Pencil.

  • Student of the Year
  • The best of the best, the ultimate award.  The Student of the Year is selected from all the Pencil-winning entries.
  • University of Huddersfield award winners this year include:-

  • Environmental Design – Spatial Design category Effie Yeoman Paul Bateman Naomi Dominique (Stehr) Robinson

Product Design category Nick Formby & Jeremy Dodd

Good luck to all

for More Information visit  About D&AD.

June 24, 2013

Our Staff – Interior Design at Universty of Huddersfield

School of Art, Design and Architecture, University of Huddersfield – Time for a staff profile with links back to a course blog

Today Jon Bartlett-Rawlings Senior Lecturer with the Interior Design course

Jon Bartlett-Rawlings [Senior Lecturer]I was sixteen when I left school and started work in the office of the architect Frederick Gibberd as an office junior. At that time I had no ambition or direction in my professional life, but soon realised that it was in the design of “people spaces” that I felt the need to direct my creative abilities. After two years with the architects, I started studying Interior Design, firstly at Barking Regional College and then at Hornsey College of Art. Here, I was able to explore and develop my concepts of space, and I exhibited some furniture designs at the Design Centre in London.On leaving college I worked with various architects and designers in London for several years, before emigrating to Canada. During the six years that I spent in Toronto I worked with a variety of designers, specialising in Office Design, Exhibition Design and Display, and Retail Design. In the latter position I was fortunate to work with one of the world’s top ten design consultants, and I worked on the design of several shopping malls across the US, Canada, Singapore, Paris and the UK.On returning to England I settled in Yorkshire and worked with several architects in the region on some major commercial facilities, including the Harrogate Conference Centre and the St John’s Centre in Leeds, as well as numerous shops, pubs, restaurants, offices and exhibitions. I then worked in Newcastle with the Canadian design consultants, as designers for the Metro Centre in Gateshead. After that, I started my freelance practice which I continue to this day, working on many diversified interior, furniture, and graphic design projects.My teaching experience started on a part-time basis over twenty years ago, when I started my freelance practice. At first I worked at Dewsbury College teaching on the ND and HND courses before taking up my present fractional full-time post at the university ten years ago. During this time I have written and taught several modules, as well as assisting in student placements and running the successful franchise course in Singapore. My main aim in teaching is to encourage students in developing their observational skills and to question conventional concepts of design.Interior design, Exhibition and Retail Design, Furniture Design, Leisure Design, Landscape Design, Display Design etc. etc. Specialising in Conceptualising, Planning, Sourcing Materials and Finishes, Professional Practice, Working Drawings and Presentation Techniques.The world of Interior Design is vast, and there are career opportunities in many different areas of the profession. During my professional life I have worked, and still work, in a wide variety of sectors and on many projects varying in scale, style and value. Because of this I have been able teach across a wide variety of design areas during the twenty years that I have been working in Further and Higher Education. The areas of design which I most enjoy is Retail and Restaurant Design, and I have worked on many Shopping Centres, Shops, Showrooms and Restaurants both in the UK and the USA.Because of my industrial experience I have written and deliver the module “Professional Practice and Project Management”, which is part of the Final Year programme. This module equips students with the necessary knowledge about the commercial and legal aspects of the profession, and acts as a stepping stone between university studies and working in the industry.I am also responsible for the Second Year Module “Design and Building Technology“ which concentrates on informing students about the vast choices of materials and finishes which are available for surfaces, furniture and lighting. In tandem with this I also supervise students in the production of working drawings for their designs and schemes. To support the lecture programme, I have also developed a library of live samples for student’s use, and this is continually updated with new products and information.

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January 2, 2013

Trend Hub Blog 2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 2,000 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 3 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

September 11, 2012

INDEX comes to Huddersfield

The University of Huddersfield  is the very first UK venue for a globally famous display of designs that improve life

Swann Pod INDEX

One of the  INDEX: Award 2011 displays now on show on the plaza outside the University of Huddersfield’s Creative Arts Building. This one contains lecturer Dr David Swann’s design for an all-new nursing bag.

A GLOBALLY-renowned travelling exhibition featuring ultra-innovative designs that impressed judges in one of the world’s most prestigious competitions has come to the University of Huddersfield. We are the first university in the world and the first venue in the UK to host the event. And one of the exhibits is a potentially life-saving invention by one of our lecturers Dr David Swann.

Established in the year 2000, INDEX: Design to Improve Life® is a Danish non-profit making organisation with a global reach. Its goal is to inspire, educate and engage people so that they use design skills to develop sustainable solutions to global and local challenges.  Every two years the  organisation offers the most valuable and prestigious design awards in the world, with prizes of €100,000 each for the winners of its five categories – Body, Home, Work, Play and Community.

The series of dramatic pods on campus exhibiting these ultra-innovative designs can be seen until 29 September 2012, Queensgate Campus, Huddersfield

Dr David Swann earned his nomination for INDEX: Award 2011 by creating a nursing bag for the 21st century after discovering the iconic design that has prevailed for around 150 years could endanger patients’ lives. His radical update is made of non-permeable white plastic and is free from the pockets and folds that previously allowed harmful bacteria to accumulate.

Other exhibits at Huddersfield include the Swedish-designed Hövding, described as the world’s first airbag for cyclists, which claimed first prize in the “play” category. The airbag explodes from a custom-made collar whose inbuilt sensors constantly monitor movement for the telltale signs that an accident is about to happen. Huddersfield is the first British institution ever to host the INDEX: Award exhibition and the sole UK stop on the current tour.


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January 16, 2012


The latest issue of Digital Arts magazine (January 2012) features the article ‘SET UP A LIVE ART EVENT’ written by Lisa Hassell (Inky Goodness) featuring Dave Bain & Andy Council and Huddersfield BA(Hons) Communication Design (Illustration) student and Crim Collective project developer Josh Bottomley.

The piece comments on the burgeoning live art scene – how you can set up a successful night,how do you ensure the production of good art and keep the crowds entertained?

January 16, 2012

Inspiration – Live Like the Boy

Go on take a look and be inspired –

“Live Like the Boy is about the consciousness of style in our lives. Run solely by Ashley Sutcliffe (the boy) Live Like the Boy aims to pull together ideas and sources of information in a way that best represents Ashley’s inherent sense of style. Ashley has always been style conscious both in terms of fashion and his own personal appearance but more prevalantly and prolifically in his home styling and design, as well as visual marketing and retail display. Ashley has over 10 years of experience working in retail and customer service and 10 years of design trianing to Masters level. Having worked for lighting, furniture and home accessory retailers Ashley has developed a knack for being able to source and provide the perfect items to complement or create the perfect look or design for any taste.”

Ashley is known to many under the pseudonym ‘knitboy’ which is a name he picked up when specialising in knitted textiles as he studied on the BA(hons) Textile Crafts course. Ashley went on then to teach knit as a part time lecturer on the Textile Crafts course and also the Costume with textiles course at the university of huddersfield The Boy works in a design and consultation capacity, helping and advising on all aspects of design. While colour and pattern are his over-riding passion, Ashley can literally turn his hand to any kind of interior style. Passionate about social media, an avid blogger, tweeter and facebook advocate…

August 10, 2011

Top draw! Graduate’s design skills wow major store chain

“The design flair of a talented University of Huddersfield student has caught the eye of one of the biggest names on the high street.

Not only has retail giant Wilkinson’s awarded a £1,000 prize to new graduate Laura Davenport, after she exhibited her work at a major show in London, but it has also begun talks with the 22-year-old, aiming to use her designs and develop new ideas.

It means that within months, Laura could see designs from her award-winning portfolio reproduced on fabrics and ceramics in some of the UK’s most popular stores.

“It would be absolutely fantastic to go into a branch of Wilkinson’s and see some of my designs on sale. It feels great to be recognised and rewarded at the same time!” said Laura.

She describes her style as illustrative with a quirky edge and likes to incorporate different themes into her designs – nautical and floral influences have recently found their way into her work.

Laura has just graduated from one of the University’s most popular courses, in textile design for fashion and interiors. It might be a cutting edge course, using computer technology, but it has deep roots in Huddersfield’s long tradition of education and training in textiles, to meet the needs of local industry.

Every year, a group of the most promising students on the course are chosen to take their work to a London showcase event named New Designers. Laura had some of her latest designs on display, in a category sponsored by Wilkinson’s. She was awarded the first prize and the company immediately began to discuss future projects.

“Laura has beautiful drawing skills, which Wilkinson’s immediately picked up on,” said her course leader, Nicola Redmore. “She had a lovely, fresh collection on display and Laura is a very commercial designer, in the best sense of the term. She is very grounded and knows what will appeal to the public. She is definitely one of our most promising students”.

A feature of the textile design for fashion and interiors course is that students create their designs – using both computers and traditional skills – and then follow them through to production and accompany the finished product with a marketing statement.

Also, the majority of the students take up the opportunity to go on work placement for part of the course. Laura Davenport had placements with two Cheshire-based textile firms and she is convinced that the experience is a factor in her success.

Nicola Redmore said that the emphasis on work placement was an important element in high employability rates among ex-students and those who took up the option tended to come out with the best degrees.

Laura, who lives in her native Stockport and comes from an artistic family, is now embarking on her career as a designer and after her early taste of  success she might consider working as a freelance designer.”  see also the report on the New Designers Website 

August 10, 2011

Nail It – Graduate impresses in national exhibition

DIY tool attracts national retailer. A Product Design student from the University of Huddersfield has wowed major companies at a national exhibition, landing an award and production contract. Martin Jordan, who has recently graduated with a first-class degree, showcased his final year project at the New Designers Exhibition in London, and caught the eye of one of the nation’s major retailers.Martin’s safety-conscious DIY invention took the show by storm, earning him the New Designers Wilkinson Award for Product Design and the recognition of major retailer Wilkinson. Indeed, so impressed were Wilkinson – the judges of the New Designers competition – that they have offered Martin the chance to produce his new tool.

Called Nail It, Martin’s product is a culmination of a year’s worth of research and design, concentrating on a DIY tool from a wide and extensive brief. The concept of the tool is to aid hammering a nail which is self standing, to avoid injury and improve quality.

for more on this story follow this link


July 15, 2011

James Whitfield

Congratulations James! James_W_Design James Whitfield

“Just found out that I am being awarded the Chancellor’s Prize for outstanding performance from the University of Huddersfield!”

Having just finished 4 years of studying BA Product Design at the University of Huddersfield, I am currently undertaking small design jobs as a freelance Product Designer.”

“Anything design fire’s my imagination and enthusiasm, but I particularly enjoy the challenges of 3D design and industrial design.  I love a challenge and problem solving and I am always pushing myself to learn new techniques and keeping on top of new design innovations.”

Via James Whitfield (james_w_design) on Twitter.