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July 20, 2011

Hair Glasses by Studio Swine

Thanks to The Trend Boutique for reporting this story

“British design duo Azusa Murakami & Alexander Groves from the creative design company Studio Swine have recently created a collection of sustainable fashion eyewear exploring the potential of all things, human hair. The Trend Boutique feel this new range can be seen as a more commercial & sustainable interpretation of our recent direction for developing products from human momentos seen within our Autumn Winter 2012-13 Fragility trend report.

The idea behind this new collection is a really clever one, as Studio Swine explores how the booming market for hair extensions can be expanded beyond the beauty industry and make use of the high level of waste created once the extensions are removed to make a new product that is equally desirable. The UK beauty industry imports 15 million pounds worth of human hair per year and as the demand shows no signs of abating human hair has been reimagined as a viable and most importantly renewable material.”

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May 25, 2011

The Trend Boutique & The Future Laboratory join forces

“After many years of working together The Trend Boutique & The Future Laboratory have joined forces to offer access to their online resource LS:N Global to academia worldwide, we hope that universities will be adding this resource to their libraries in the near future – but in the mean time students, graduates & lecturers can access the free ‘Seed’ section now!! Take a look via the link below.