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November 10, 2010

Luxury business conference – London 9 -10Nov

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Since its inception in 2001, the International Herald Tribune’s annual Luxury business conference has become the essential forum for the discussion and exchange of ideas for the fashion and luxury industry.

It attracts delegates from a wide range of industry sectors and management positions, from CEOs, Presidents and Managing Directors to Company and Creative Directors and Designers, affording them an unparalleled opportunity to debate the latest business developments and trends.

Hosted by the IHT’s world renowned Fashion Editor, Suzy Menkes, the conference regularly attracts the highest level of keynote speakers from the commercial and creative sides of the business, and an annual international audience of over 450 delegates from more than 35 countries.



November 17, 2009

David helps Goliath get Green

Lucia van der Post examines why brands are strengthening their ethical credentials by buying up smaller, eco-aware companies.

“When it comes to innovation it is readily observed that it’s easier to be nippy and creative, if you’re small. It’s also easier to be green and organic. Big companies, by their very nature, get set in their ways. They, too, of course were once small and innovative and grew successful because they had a great new idea. But once they’ve become a big, established brand it’s not easy to change tack without alienating or, at the very least, disorientating the existing customers they already have.” …….

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