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January 21, 2011

The ‘Green Exhibition’ points the way to a better future

The future is green, as could be seen from the ‘Green Exhibition’ at this year’s Heimtextil.

“Called ‘Welcome to Utopia’ by designers Anne Marie Commandeur and Arie Vervelde of Stijlinstituut Amsterdam, the ‘Green Exhibition’ comprised a landscape with white windmill fields, clouds of over-sized balloons and heavenly staircases made of light wood.

It was striking that the exhibition refrained from raising a warning finger but rather seemed to say we still have time to change things and will be given a second chance if we re-focus on essentials.

In the case of the ‘Green Exhibition’, however, it was not only the sustainable, natural-coloured textiles to be seen hanging from stands, draped over tables and scattered around Bedouin tents that attracted attention.

Considerable interest was also shown in the information on the walls, e.g., details about the Heimtextil Green Directory, a list of eco-labels and certificates, such as ‘The Blue Angel’ and the ‘FSC Forest Stewardship Council’, which help consumers not only to find sustainable home and household textiles, but also prompt them to rethink their buying habits in general and as a whole.”



via The ‘Green Exhibition’ points the way to a better future.

November 30, 2009

Does Greenwashing Exist in the Fashion Industry? | Ecouterre

Does Greenwashing Exist in the Fashion Industry? | Ecouterre.

Miguel Adrover, creative director of Hessnatur

“Unfortunately, greenwashing exists everywhere, including the fashion industry. The minute the industry recognizes a trend, everyone jumps on it. And one of the trends of the moment is “going green.” Many companies say something is “eco” because it’s a natural fabric. Or they use an organic fabric and blend it with a synthetic and say it’s “sustainable.” Well, to me, these are eco-lies. Creating truly green fashion requires honesty and commitment—the fibers must be grown at certified organic farms, and they can’t be blended with synthetics or dyed or bleached with chemicals.”

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