Christopher Conn Askew


Words by MPDClick’s Graphics Trend Researcher.

“Christopher Conn Askew has unveiled an exciting new exhibition at the Merry Karnowsky Gallery in Los Angeles, CA which signifies an interesting new direction for future graphic trends.

Having mastered his craft as a tattoo artist and illustrator, Conn Askew went on to the world of fine art and with it he brought a fresh style and approach – referencing his tattoo art heritage and his ability to create unique and original design. The resulting collection has a distinctly Russian/Eastern European aesthetic to it, not least the vintage Russian tattoo styling but also with the use of cyrillic characters.

His collection, ’96 tears’ demonstrates his beautiful use of dark, propagandist colours blended with deep emotion and rich symbolism. The style is mystical with such creations as flower like creatures and masked women contributing to an overall feeling that borders on the sinister and even slightly aggressive, while still retaining an unquestionable ethereal beauty.”

via MPDClick :: Global Fashion Intelligence :: trends :: trend journal :: graphics: christopher conn askew.



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