eponymous rugs: Nani Marquina

VALENCIA DISSENY WEEK: NANI MARQUINAby sabine7 / September 28, 2010

“Barcelona designer Nani Marquina gave a talk at Feria Hábitat Valencia today about the handmade, artisanal nature of her eponymous rugs and how materials and multiculturalism serve as inspiration.”

Handcrafting is the key factor that has led to innovation for this company that treats each piece as a work of art, as Martín Azúa, one of the company’s designers explained. Each new rug design or colour scheme can lead to a new technique, such as felting or tying on die-cut components one by one, but traditional skills are used and adapted to the contemporary patterns. Brushstrokes might not be involved, but because each element is done by hand, each rug bears the marks of many makers in countries such as India, Morocco, Pakistan or Nepal. “

more information from nanimarquina website

The history of nanimarquina is based on a very clear idea: wanting to design rugs. It’s a simple statement, a transparent declaration of intent that has become a reality by putting into practice values such as observation, innovative endeavour, communication, emotion and knowing how to contemporise traditional craftsmanship.

Since its origins in 1987, nanimarquina has been designing rugs and other textile products, paying particular attention to research on raw materials and production processes. These factors enrich the aesthetic aspect of the products, which are the true stars that give the brand its visibility and commercial success.”

via Valencia Disseny Week: Nani Marquina.


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