The Brilliant Design Lecture | ShellsuitZombie magazine™

“In the most exciting event to hit Huddersfield since Leeds Utd. went to the dogs, the 29th of April sees ‘The Brilliant Design Lecture’ host names such as Nicolas Roope, Jason Bruges, Mr Bingo, Rob Chiu, Jason Fretwell and Matthew Grey, all sharing stories around three themes with ‘a unique presentation format fuelled by the energetic banter of a game show.’Whatever that entails, we wish we could go too but this one is just for the lucky-bastard students of Huddersfield – what’s great to note though is that the guys who organised the whole thing including this nifty bit of hand-made type are themselves recent HUD grads. Giving something back. That’s what that is.Make sure you have a look at the website which shows off the photography in all its glory, and you can follow them on twitter too.”

via The Brilliant Design Lecture | ShellsuitZombie magazine™.


One Comment to “The Brilliant Design Lecture | ShellsuitZombie magazine™”

  1. here’s a link to TBDL flickr site

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