The End of the Rainbow? – colour meme

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The End of the Rainbow?  by Jude Stewart

“Near the beginning of the move The Devil Wears Prada, Meryl Streep delivers a monologue to the young Anne Hathaway about how the “lumpy,” cerulean sweater that she “chose” was, in fact, chosen for her—by the various business interests who make their profits by choosing those very colors. But aren’t our color hungers more complex than that? We’re fed emotionally by certain colors, and then we surfeit on them, as if we’ve been eating the same vegetable for too long. And right now, one such meme has been ascendant for awhile now: what I like to call the iRainbow.

You know the one: a series of translucent lollipop colors crisply arrayed on a white background. It started its public climb with the Apple iMac, evoking a humming technological future where cleanness met creativity, work and play happily blurred, where the pot of gold wasn’t sequestered to the rainbow’s end but instead scintillated, coin by coin, throughout the entire arc. Instead of the jarring Crayola rainbow of childhood, this CMYK rainbow felt subtly balanced in its hues, democratic and inclusive,”.…… read the full article  here

Cover of The Visual Miscellaneum by David McCandless, founder of

Web Trends Map v4.0 by Information Architects, 2004

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