Design workshop held for Copenhagen climate conference

Design workshop held for Copenhagen climate conference | News | Design Week.

“Design network The Quiet Riot is set to host a workshop in collaboration with Your Climate TV during the United Nations climate change conference in Copenhagen.

The workshop, sponsored by the Danish Foreign Ministry, will take place tomorrow at parallel event Klimaforum, which bills itself as ‘the people’s climate summit’, on the theme of ‘designing sustainability’.

The ideas generated during the workshop will be critiqued by a public audience and a panel of experts including Michael Braungart, co-founder of the eco-focused cradle-to-cradle movement.

Martin Hoenle, founder of The Quiet Riot, says, ‘There’s a lot going on with Green and eco issues, but it’s still not mainstream. The workshop will look at how to capture consumers.’

He adds, ‘A lot of stuff needs complete rethinking. Some things ideally would be started from scratch, but as this is often not possible, there needs to be a radical approach to eco-design.

‘Three-quarters of design projects have been totally decided before the designer is involved, and then it’s too late to bring in eco-friendly influences. The design process might have to change a bit.’

Your Climate TV will stream the two-hour event live, and The Quiet Riot will post extracts on its website after the workshop” participates at the Peoples Climate Summit – the Civil Society’s Conference parallel with the United Nations Climate Change Conference Dec 07 – Dec 18 in Copenhagen.

On the 16th December YourClimate.TV, in collaboration with, will run a workshop with the theme Designing Sustainability in the afternoon. The workshop will be evaluated and critiqued by a public audience as well as Michael Braungart, the founder of the Cradle to Cradle movement in a talk show in the evening.

Sustainable design

Design has to be quiet, he said.

It has to stop shouting.

We are living in a designed world…. products, buildings, transport, cities, landscapes, services, experiences, pretty much everything is designed.

We as consumers are shouting for novelty: more products, services and experiences are needed every day.

To satisfy this demand, our designs are shouting for more resources and energy that we do not have available. We are living on the credit of future generations. We are causing massive pollution.

The climate is changing. The impact will be negative – maybe disastrous.

Can we stop shouting for constant novelty? Can design stop shouting for more energy and resources? Can design be quiet?

Food, materials, energy, industry, people, spaces, communities – celebrates solutions, which are highly energy efficient, use renewable resources and are well designed, aspirational and sustainable. was successfully launched at the Danish Design Centre in Copenhagen on the 21st of January 2009.”


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