Trends, Colour and Fragrance

Landor: Blog: Fragrance and color

“….a presentation about scent trends and fragrance forecasting. To my surprise, the scent experts were approaching scent trends in exactly the same manner as our color experts approach color forecasting. They identified the important influences that would have an effect on consumer behavior, then extrapolated how important influences would change the direction of the current trends. Incredibly, there were parallel and similar directions for both color and scent trends! The scent experts were also doing scent combinations just as colorists do color combinations —using a high note, mid note, and a low note. At CMG we often follow parallels of color trends across different industries, but now we realize the benefit of following other sense-based design elements like scent and sound. They can be keys to future trends…..”

This is a very interesting article for all Trend Hub students and users Pleases read the full post at Landor: Blog: Fragrance and color.


One Comment to “Trends, Colour and Fragrance”

  1. “From a design and branding perspective, it is very important to look at our brands not only across all the touch points, but also across all the senses. Smelling, tasting, hearing, and feeling our brands may produce some intriguing new insights that we were unaware of when just looking at it with our eyes and our rational minds.”
    a quote from the same piece

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