Issue 4 of Colour: Design & Creativity

From the society of dyers and colourists –  Issue 4 of Colour: Design & Creativity

“As a colour education resource, the online journal Colour: Design & Creativity is vital for you and your students. The journal
seeks to nurture a better understanding of colour and its application in design theory and practice, in particular the synergy
between colour and design, and includes articles on basic, applied and theoretical research related to colour. Articles are
freely available and we invite you to view these today.

Latest article: We are pleased to announce the latest article has been published online at It is a paper
that deals the effects of coloured lighting on emotional expression (see link below).

Effects of Coloured Lighting on Judgement of Emotional Expression

New procedures: We would also like to inform you that from Sept 2009, we have changed the publishing procedures. We now
work to an ‘open issue’ publishing schedule. This means that Issue 4 is now open for articles and we will announce to subscribers
every time an article is published online. This is beneficial to authors and readers as articles are made available as soon as
possible after they have been accepted.

Forthcoming issue: Preliminary announcement that issue 5 will be a special issue in association with AIC2009. This issue will
open soon, with the majority of articles scheduled for publishing in Jan 2010.”

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