Design History Society Journal through Athens please?

“could you tell me do we have access to the Design History Society Journal through Athens please?”

This is a question I’ve been asked by staff and students via the Trend Hub Facebook Page, I’ve answered it there and now I’m going to answer it here….

The simple answer would be Yes but thats not really very helpful, so here is the longer answer

As a Student or member of staff in the School of Art, Design and Architecture, University of Huddersfield you have access to both a printed copy and electronic version of the Journal of Design History by the Design History Society

The printed copy is held here in the ADA section of the library CSB level3 for more information use this link to the library catalogue

once in the catalogue you will see that various electronic versions are also listed

you can click directly one of the links and if you are on campus it will automatically log you in and allow you access, if not use your usuall university user name and login to access the site. The best links to use are the Oxford University Press Journals Digital Archive or Oxford University Press Journals as these have the better interface.

You can also go direct to the Society website and use your University user name and password to login direct.

OR you can use Metalib do an A-Z search for the journal and again use the Oxford University Press link to access, which will be automatic if on campus because you are already loged in if not it is again your usual name and password


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