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TITAS blends functional with eco

“TAIPEI – [01.12.09] Buyers from some of the world’s leading outdoor apparel brands were out in force at the recent Taipei Innovative Textile Application Show (TITAS 2009) on the look out for the latest eco-textile and functional products.

Despite the economic downturn, over a hundred brand representatives visited the exhibition, held at the Taipei World Trade Centre, including Lafuma and Eider from France, sports gear giant Under Armour, Norway’s Helly Hansen, outdoor wear supplier BAILO, Canada’s Coalision, and Japanese brand Eiheiji Sizing.

TITAS has long been regarded as a solid sourcing platform for functional textiles, and is said to be ideal for buyers looking for speciality products such as fibres, yarns and fabrics with moisture transferring properties, water-proofing, antibacterial properties, deodorant and UV-protective attributes.

Among the highlights at this latest edition was the introduction of a range of environmentally friendly collections which also offered the much sought after functionality.

The Nan Ya company presented its environmentally friendly biodegradable polyester, Apexa, which is said to ‘naturally break down’ into CO2 and water when composted. The company also introduced the PET-bottle recycled fibre EcoGreen, which is made using Nan Ya`s own chemical and mechanical production methods.

Editors note: Tests carried out on fabrics in Japan show that under the correct composting conditions, Apexa fibres break down completely in a 45 day period. Composting was done at temperatures around 60 degrees C, at a pH 8 and in a mixture of water, rice husk and (hold your nose) pig excrement.

The Far Eastern Textile Corp., one of Taiwan’s major manufacturers of synthetic fibres and textiles, launched its TopGreen fibre products made from recycled PET-bottles while Daai Eco Products showcased its eco-friendly shirts, blankets, and scarves designed and produced by the Daai Technology Co. through waste-recycling processes. Fabrics made from Daai’s yarns are said to disperse sweat quickly and have a high moisture absorbency that keeps the wearer cool and comfortable. These fabrics can be integrated into other manufacturing processes allowing clients to create innovative products from 100% recycled PET content, the company said.”

via Ecotextile News Website.


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