Color Pulse 2011

COLOR PULSE 2011 from Ruthie Staalsen’s blog -an Interior Decorator and owner of –

“I recently went to a seminar at The World Trade Center here in Dallas regarding Trends for 2011, presented by Fran Mooney (Design Specialist for Benjamin Moore).

Benjamin Moore has done much research regarding how trends evolve and how they forecast what colors and textures are going to be in style for the next years to come. They gather their information by the influence of what’s on the runways in fashion, lighting & accessories.

From the rural influences to urban application, BALANCE is supported by 4 themes for COLOR PULSE 2011. The Farm, Order, Escape, and Tribe. Here are some the notes I jotted down and I though you would find them informative and interesting.

Farm – At the forefront is self sufficiency and the elimination of waste. Make do lifestyle, hands in the soil, organic crops, farmer’s markets, rooftop gardens, growing our own herbs, inside gardens, tea stains, tie die designs, basket weave (including macroma if you can believe that).”

Please follow the link to read the full post

Ruthie’s Renewed Treasures: Color Pulse 2011.


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