Environmental dyeing – SDC

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Environmental dyeing

“Today (Tuesday 3rd Nov) sees the second part of the two-phase launch of the – first ever – SDC special interest group SIG which will have a focus of environmental dyeing.It goes without saying that the dyeing and finishing sectors, historically, have been big energy users and often portrayed as using large amounts of energy and water and being a polluter through effluent. However, there is often a public misconception of the current industry, which, increasingly, is seeing the implementation of best practice policies resulting in evermore eco-efficient dyehouses worldwide.-The SDC has a role to play in this area and through the engagement of strategic alliances with respected environment lobby and resource groups based globally, it will further allow for the promotion of best practice. A key objective for the SDC is to promote good ethical and environment working practice within the textile and coloration supply chain and, in this respect, ensures information and practical advice is available to members and the industry as a whole.By engaging people with similar goals for the industry and providing one viable and trusted source for information on the topic the SIG will be able to influence the industry and create an environmental and sustainable industry for the future providing confidence for the consumer. It is open to anyone, anywhere in the world with an interest in this topic – which will be made possible by making use of digital technologies a dedicated WikiSpace will be available soon.-Anyone, interested in joining, please get in touch without delay!”

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