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Frieze 2009: The Sensory Overload

Take a world tour of contemporary art this weekend….

Text by John-Paul Pryor |   Published 16 October 2009

We Share Our Chemistry With The Stars, 2009, Marc Quinn

This year’s Frieze Art Fair is a massive sensory overload and it’s impossible to write anything that really does justice to the talent of the numerous artists whose works are on display. I headed over there when it opened its doors to those who aren’t members of the sickeningly moneyed elite and found myself among people walking around in a daze, it was almost as if we had all been smacked around the back of a head with a cricket bat emblazoned with the word ART (perhaps they should actually give that a go next year on the VIP night). At first, it’s all way too much to take in, but once you give in to the experience, you find yourself adrift on a sea of brilliant imagination. And that goes double for this year, which is peppered with dark and often psychedelic works that tip a nod to just how close our world came to economic meltdown. In fact, you can’t help but feel that the crisis has been nothing less than a positive boon for artists’ creativity. Sure, everything sold at Frieze is still ridiculously pricey, but what does it really matter that few of us can actually afford to buy any of this stuff? It’s still one of the hottest tickets in town, right? And it’s a yearly chance to see works you might normally have to purchase a flight to check out.


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