Artkrush-Miles Aldridge-photographer

British fashion photographer Miles Aldridge credits luck for the reason he became a photographer. When he pitched photos of his girlfriend to help her become a model for British Vogue, the magazine’s editors ended up preferring his talent to her look. That was the mid-1990s, and since then, Aldridge’s career has skyrocketed. Working for Vogue Italia, Numero, Paradis, and The New York Times Magazine, he has established himself as an inventive artist with an acute sense of color and impeccable eye for style.

The subject of a recent show at Steven Kasher Gallery in New York, Aldridge has been gathering art-world attention over the past few years, with 2006 and 2008 solo shows at Galerie Alex Daniels-Reflex in Amsterdam and a spring 2009 solo exhibition at Hamiltons in London. His work was also included in New York’s International Center of Photography group show Weird Beauty: Fashion Photography Now, which took place earlier this year and featured avant-garde practitioners of the trade.

via Artkrush.


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