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SFI Paper, Packaging and Printing

Packaging factory

Retailers, printers, publishers, distributors and merchants are turning to SFI-certified papers and packaging materials to meet the growing demand for responsibly sourced forest products. SFI “percent content” and fiber sourcing labels make sustainable forestry less anonymous. They provide is a visual cue telling you and your customers the fiber used to produce paper and packaging products – from envelopes to juice boxes to magazines – is from a legal and responsible source.

SFI Inc. is one of the world’s largest forest certification programs, and it is internationally recognized and accepted. This offers the advantage of a steady supply of certified products to meet the growing consumer demand. By choosing SFI-certified products, companies of all sizes can use their buying power to improve forest management while sending a clear signal to customers they care about forests.

While recovered fiber is an attractive choice, it usually only makes up a small percentage of any paper product. An SFI label completes the equation by confirming the rest of the wood fiber is from a responsible source. There are also SFI labels available to indicate the amount of recovered fiber content in a certified product.

via Paper, Packaging and Printing – Sustainable Forestry Initiative.


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